We’re decoding the fight for tax fairness

For the last forty years, America has operated under a tax code warped by Reaganomics—the political agenda that promised that tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations would “trickle down” to working people. Forty years later, 69% of voters believe the wealthy and corporations should pay more of their fair share in taxes.

But our tax code hasn’t caught up. Too many politicians don’t want to stand up to corporate interests, or are scared to defy their billionaire donors. We need more of our leaders to understand that fixing our tax code can fight inequality, build an economy that works for all of us, and raise the revenue we need to invest in working families.

That’s why we’re here. For ten years, Americans for Tax Fairness has been educating, advocating, and creating change. We fought against the Trump-GOP tax scam, helped introduce a Billionaire Minimum Income Tax, helped pass a corporate profits minimum tax, mobilized millions of activists, and built a strong coalition of state and national groups.

We created The Tax Decode to keep the media and the masses informed and involved in the latest in the fight for tax fairness. We stay in the weeds so you don’t have to—and then we boil it all down in clear, timely analyses. Which billionaires are donating to anti-tax politicians? Why is the latest proposal regressive, and how can we fix it? What’s the truth about the IRS funding that all the disinformation gets wrong?

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We’re decoding the fight for tax fairness


We’re fighting to build an economy that works for all of us by making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.